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What does Ecommerce Customer Service and Support Mean Really?

Learn how Ecommerce customer service and support impacts your business, how to create a 360° strategy that your customers will love and the right tools that make it easier. The last two years have made […]

How to Create a Customer Support Strategy for Your eCommerce Business

Most e-commerce businesses concentrate on their product or service and their sales and marketing techniques, but they overlook the most important factor: customer support. While the other factors may have an adverse effect, poor customer […]

10+ Powerful Customer Support Templates for your eCommerce Support

We discussed the importance of automating and optimising your customer support approach in the previous lesson on customer support strategy. Apart from a helpdesk solution like LimeChat, you’ll need some workflows and templates in place […]

20 Key Metrics to Measure The Success of Your Customer Support Strategy

96% of consumers worldwide find customer service an important factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand. Unless you want to lose these customers, you’ll try all the ways to stay on top of […]

The Many Benefits of Customer Service and Support for Ecommerce Brands

Did you know that 78% of consumers will do business with a brand again, even after a mistake, if the company’s customer service is excellent? What’s in it for you and your ecommerce brand if […]

How has AI impacted Ecommerce Customer Service + What do your Customers Expect from your Helpdesk Support now?

Learn the history of ecommerce customer service – the service, support, and support software your customers expect, especially post pandemic and how Level 3 AI can help you automate + increase sales. The last three […]

Read this if you Want to Choose the Right Customer Support Channels for Your Ecommerce Brand

Looking for the best ecommerce helpdesk support that works with the channels your brand uses to provide support? Check out our guide below! The key to success in business is always a happy customer. And […]

This is how Guided Selling can Benefit your Ecommerce Business + Help your Customers

Buying sunscreen online shouldn’t require as much assistance as purchasing a new car, right? Think again. Customers today are meticulous to a T about the purchases they make. 78% of shoppers spend more time researching when shopping online […]

What is Guided Selling and Why is it Important for Your Ecommerce Brand in 2022

Have you seen this ad where the brand shows customers how their in-store experience trumps shopping online? The essence of the ad is- If you’re looking for the perfect product for you, made for your […]

Guided Selling: Tips, Tricks, and Examples on how to Maximise Returns for Incredible Customer Experience

Practical examples and advice on how your ecommerce brand can leverage guided selling Customer service has always been an indispensable factor for ecommerce brands, with 96% of customers choosing to be loyal to companies that […]

This is How Guided Selling can Keep your Customers Happy

The LimeChat guide to using Guided Selling to delight your customers How many times have you gotten interested in one product, then been bombarded by ads on Instagram from more brands offering a similar version […]

How to Start Guided Selling for your Ecommerce Brand

Previously in our masterclass series on Guided Selling, we covered what it means for e-commerce brands, how it can benefit you, the numerous ways your customers will love your brand, and some excellent examples to […]

How to Implement Guided Selling for Ecommerce (Best Practices)

Guided Selling, a way for e-commerce brands to engage their customers online (like how a salesperson would in an offline store), yields excellent results by offering personalised recommendations and advice based on what the customer […]

How to Choose the Best Guided Selling app for Your Ecommerce Brand

So you’ve recently heard and read everything you can about Guided Selling and want to reduce your CAC, 3X your website conversions, AND build a better relationship with your customers. We get it; you’re excited. […]