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The Ultimate Guide to Whatsapp Business API for E-Commerce Brands

Conversing with your customers is crucial to building lasting relationships with them, and messaging apps offer a compelling and personal platform for engaging with your customers.  You have a better chance of building trust and confidence in your brand […]

Trying to figure out Whatsapp Chat Re-Marketing? Here are 5 Strategies to Try Today

The 70% average cart abandonment rate paints a frightening picture for ecommerce business owners. There’s no getting around the fact that an average of 7 people that ‘add to cart’ won’t make it through checkout. […]

How to Leverage 2 Way Communication for eCommerce on Whatsapp

This post is not for you if you want to be convinced about the power of eCommerce on Whatsapp. Let’s face it – 95%+ open rate and engagement rate is unimaginable in any other marketing […]

6 Secrets to the Best Converting Whatsapp Message Templates

Do you need a statistic to convince you why this blog post is important? Here you go! According to a report by (Business Insider Intelligence), almost 74% of carts are abandoned… Thousands of shoppers go online because […]

The LimeChat Guide to creating an effective Whatsapp Drip Campaign

Most companies who use Whatsapp Business fail to use it well. Yes, even you! Tons of hours getting the Business API, crafting campaigns, and writing mediocre copy that eventually end up into the void..along with […]

Top 5 Things a Brand Must do to Take their WhatsApp Marketing to the Next Level

Meet Prakhar – one of the founding members at LimeChat. He has been deeply involved with day-to-day activities with LimeChat’s D2C clients right from the time WhatsApp started becoming a strong medium for consultative buying […]

5 D2C Examples of 2-Way Messaging with WhatsApp Marketing you Need to Try Today

We’ve discussed how you can leverage 2-way messaging on WhatsApp for your e-Commerce brand. We’ve discussed strategies you can deploy for WhatsApp marketing, including guided selling campaigns, customer support, and better marketing and sales. Today, […]

How Can Beauty Brands Effectively Use Whatsapp Marketing? (And How we can Help)

Are you an e-commerce beauty brand ready to take your WhatsApp marketing to the next level?  Are you looking for a one-stop solution to WhatsApp campaigns and live chat? You’re in the right place.  In […]

How to Make a Winning Abandoned Checkout Campaign on WhatsApp

A masterclass on Abandoned Checkout campaigns on Whatsapp A recent survey found that over 69% of shoppers abandon their carts on average across all industries.  With cinched budgets and investors emphasising lowering CAC (Customer Acquisition) […]

How to Increase Customer Retention by Sending Reorder campaigns on WhatsApp

A Masterclass on Reorder campaigns on Whatsapp The cost of acquiring new customers is 5X that of getting existing customers to buy from you. Most D2C brands we know are trying to reduce rising Customer […]

3 powerful WhatsApp Automation Campaigns to Reduce RTO for D2C Brands

Learn how leading D2C brands are using Whatsapp Automation to reduce RTO We all know that in the last few years of the pandemic, more and more people across the country, across tiers, are adopting […]

See a 2X Increase in your eCommerce prepaid orders Using Whatsapp and LimeChat

A guide to COD to Prepaid Whatsapp Campaign by LimeChat Almost 75% of all online orders in India are COD (Cash-on-Delivery) orders. And one out of every three orders is returned. Out of 5 D2C […]

How to Increase Customer Retention with LimeChat’s Whatsapp Campaigns

Did you know it costs 5X more to acquire a new customer than to keep a loyal customer? And with the current open and read rates of email and SMS falling drastically, marketers have turned […]

A Complete Guide to Using WhatsApp for Customer Service and Support

Learn how to use WhatsApp for customer service and support.  WhatsApp is hands down the most loved messaging app on the planet right now. And the numbers do prove this fact. The app currently has […]

Ultimate Guide To Running WhatsApp Broadcast Campaigns to Increase Sales

Learn more about using WhatsApp broadcast campaigns for business.  WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, and eCommerce businesses are increasingly using it to connect with their customers. With more […]

Complete Guide to Setting up a WhatsApp Business Profile

An astonishing number of people use WhatsApp every day. This mammoth user base makes WhatsApp the best channel for businesses to communicate with their audience.  And more than just the user base, WhatsApp messages’ open […]

The LimeChat Guide on using Click to WhatsApp ads for Ecommerce

In the quest for innovative ways of digital marketing, messaging apps have become a go-to channel for many marketers.  With instant messaging, no other platform comes close to WhatsApp’s popularity. With over 1 billion everyday […]

The Complete Guide to Running Customer Winback campaigns on WhatsApp

The Complete Guide to Running Customer Winback campaigns on WhatsApp  Learn how to set up custom winback campaigns on WhatsApp Business.  If you are an eCommerce brand, you probably know how challenging it is to […]

A Complete Guide To Using WhatsApp For Sales in eCommerce

Learn how to use WhatsApp for sales in eCommerce.  Worldwide, more than five million businesses use WhatsApp. In addition, marketers often talk about using WhatsApp for marketing and promotions.  But there’s another crucial purpose for […]

Complete Guide To Getting Started With WhatsApp Commerce

The demand for ‘contactless’ shopping has made conversational commerce the need of the hour. And WhatsApp is one such commerce platform that has been showing significant results in speeding up sales, marketing, and support initiatives.  […]

What is WhatsApp marketing? Why should my brand do it?

Author – Abhishek Khuntwal, Product Manager EVERYONE seems to be doing Whatsapp Marketing – your competitors definitely are. It’s probably why you’ve found a Whatsapp business API provider, created your store, and are wondering.. What […]

The Magic of Limechat’s AI-driven Whatsapp Campaigns

Learn more about WhatsApp campaigns enabled by the power of AI. The current marketing environment is in an abysmal state. Email open rates are at an all-time low of 20% and steadily dropping. SMS is […]