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Why should online brands use an eCommerce-specific WhatsApp marketing solution

Learn why your online brand needs an eCommerce-specific WhatsApp marketing solution.  The eCommerce industry is growing rapidly, and the increasing number of businesses entering the market has resulted in fierce competition for consumer attention.  With […]

Enjoy High Conversion Facebook Retargeting Ads with Level 3 Conversation Ai

1.73 billion people are actively using Facebook in 2021. This is a large user base that you can tap into to drive engagement for your eCommerce business if you know how to target the right […]

3 Tried and Tested Tricks to Create Successful Retargeting campaigns

First impression is the last impression  We keep hearing this statement. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt trying one more time, does it? Particularly when you’re running a marketing campaign.  The first campaign may or may not […]

Retargeting and Remarketing – Differences & Benefits You Must Know

Though the terms ‘remarketing’ and ‘retargeting’ are frequently used interchangeably, they have significant distinctions. The primary difference between remarketing and retargeting is one technique.  Remarketing collects user data from previous customers or email subscribers and […]

The benefits of conversational marketing using AI Assistance

Conversational marketing is the simple act of reaching out to your online customers and engaging with them. It is a dialogue-driven approach to selling that focuses on what the customer wants. Once you are on […]

Shopify vs WooCommerce vs Magento (2022) – Which is the Best E-Commerce Platform?

If there was ever a ‘perfect’ time to create a website for your business, it would be right now. But with so many options, how do you find the best e-Commerce platform for your brand? Maybe […]

Here are the 10 Best Shopify stores in India that Every Brand Needs to Check Out

Have you ever wondered which brands in India use Shopify, and more importantly, use it well? Then you’ll LOVE these 10 Shopify stores in India that we’ve picked! Maybe you’re thinking about launching a website […]

How to X2 your Shopify Sales with Conversational Marketing

If you’re here looking for a way to boost your Shopify sales through conversational marketing, we have you covered. As of July 2021, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger have 2 billion and 1.3 billion users, respectively. […]

The LimeChat Guide to Excelling eCommerce Customer Experience in 2023

Try these tips and strategies for delivering an unparalleled ecommerce customer experience to your customers and scale your brand rapidly. When you hear the word eCommerce, what comes to your mind? For many it’s rapid […]

How to Craft a Customised SMS Marketing Strategy for eCommerce

For a while now, the spotlight in marketing has been on SMS.  This can be attributed to the growing number of smartphone users in the world – which currently stands at a staggering 75%. SMS […]

LimeChat, the World’s First Human-Level Chatbot Startup Raises $4.2 Million led by Stellaris Venture Partners and Pi Ventures

Two graduates of IIT Delhi at one point in their life found themselves exasperated, shocked at the absolute shoddy customer service they were subjected to. Nikhil Gupta tried to migrate his phone number – if […]

What does Ecommerce Customer Service and Support Mean Really?

Learn how Ecommerce customer service and support impacts your business, how to create a 360° strategy that your customers will love and the right tools that make it easier. The last two years have made […]

How to Create a Customer Support Strategy for Your eCommerce Business

Most e-commerce businesses concentrate on their product or service and their sales and marketing techniques, but they overlook the most important factor: customer support. While the other factors may have an adverse effect, poor customer […]

Read this if you Want to Choose the Right Customer Support Channels for Your Ecommerce Brand

Looking for the best ecommerce helpdesk support that works with the channels your brand uses to provide support? Check out our guide below! The key to success in business is always a happy customer. And […]

What is Guided Selling and Why is it Important for Your Ecommerce Brand in 2022

Have you seen this ad where the brand shows customers how their in-store experience trumps shopping online? The essence of the ad is- If you’re looking for the perfect product for you, made for your […]

Guided Selling: Tips, Tricks, and Examples on how to Maximise Returns for Incredible Customer Experience

Practical examples and advice on how your ecommerce brand can leverage guided selling Customer service has always been an indispensable factor for ecommerce brands, with 96% of customers choosing to be loyal to companies that […]

How to Start Guided Selling for your Ecommerce Brand

Previously in our masterclass series on Guided Selling, we covered what it means for e-commerce brands, how it can benefit you, the numerous ways your customers will love your brand, and some excellent examples to […]

What is Conversational Commerce, and How is it Different from Traditional Selling?

Understanding the basics of conversational commerce and how it works We are in an economy where brands compete with one another to put forward their best deal to a consumer. Thanks to real-time dynamic pricing, […]

What are the Different Types of Conversational Commerce?

In an age where the rampant rise of messaging apps and voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant have accustomed customers to everything on-demand, eCommerce brands are exploring newer ways to connect with […]

How to Choose the Best Guided Selling app for Your Ecommerce Brand

So you’ve recently heard and read everything you can about Guided Selling and want to reduce your CAC, 3X your website conversions, AND build a better relationship with your customers. We get it; you’re excited. […]

20 Conversational Commerce Examples from Top Online Retailers

How often do you shop online, and a message from your favourite brand pops up on the screen as you browse through? More and more eCommerce businesses are taking advantage of conversational commerce—the ability for […]

How to Create your Brand’s Conversational Commerce Strategy

The marketing landscape is changing drastically. It’s no longer about pushing messages at people but being part of the conversation. You might be wondering what that means for you and your brand. And if you’re […]